Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Where is the location that ignition control module?

The ignition module may be located inside the distributor, on the distributor housing, or mounted to the side of the engine compartment. via

How do you test a GM TBI Ignition Control Module?

Clip the negative test light lead to a solid ground such as negative battery terminal. Ask a partner to crank the engine numerous times. The test light should turn on and off as the ignition control module is signaled. If no light is preset, the module is faulty and needs to be replaced. via

Does ignition module control fuel injectors? (video)

How does a magnetic pickup work?

Magnetic pickup (mpu) speed sensors convert the mechanical motion of an engine's flywheel to an AC voltage without external power. It transmits a signal each time a flywheel gear tooth passes near the center pole piece to measure engine RPM. via

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