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How do I know if my clutch fan is bad on my Jeep?

Spin the fan.

Electronic types might freewheel, but most fan clutches should spin with a little effort. If the fan spins more than three times, you may have a bad fan clutch. If the fan doesn't spin at all, the bearing may be seized. via

What are the symptoms of a failing fan clutch?

How to Tell If Your Fan Clutch Is Going Bad?

  • Vehicle overheating. An overheating engine is often the first symptom that is commonly associated with a bad or failing fan clutch.
  • Loose and Wobbling Fan.
  • Excessively loud cooling fans.
  • A decrease in acceleration, power & fuel efficiency.
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    How do you check the clutch fan on a Jeep Cherokee?

    To diagnose the clutch fan, lift the hood of the vehicle and with the engine off spin the fan a bit with your hand. You are checking to see if the fan is locked up where it will not spin freely. The fan will still cool the engine but will draw excessive power and reduce fuel economy. via

    Is a clutch fan supposed to spin freely?

    The fan clutch is responsible for transferring power from the drive belt or the water pump pulley to the fan, but should it be spinning freely when cold? The viscous fan clutch will, with some resistance, spin freely when cold. via

    What temperature does a fan clutch engage?

    At what temperatures do fan clutches engage? Answer: Most fan clutches engage at about 170°F air temperature (about 180-190°F engine temperature). They reduce the temperature about 20°F before disengaging. via

    How do you fix a stuck fan clutch? (video)

    How do you test a thermal fan clutch? (video)

    Where is the radiator fan?

    The car radiator fan is found between the engine and the radiator, although some radiator fans are found at the front or anterior part of the radiator. Electric fans are found in the front part of the radiator and are also referred to as “pusher fans”. via

    How stiff Should a clutch fan be?

    There should be a nice, consistent, deliberate rotating force such that when you let the fan go, it should start spinning back up at a rather rapid rate of rotation. If right after you release the fan to spin, and the fan spins ever so slowly, then your fan clutch isn't working right. via

    How do you use a fan clutch wrench? (video)

    What is humming noise from engine?

    Grinding or Humming

    A low-pitched humming coming from under the car could mean a failing transmission, worn universal joints, a bad wheel bearing, or a worn differential. via

    Why does my car sound like an airplane when I accelerate?

    There's a Leak in Your Exhaust System

    Another common cause for your car sounding like a helicopter or airplane while driving is a leak in the exhaust system. Your exhaust system is meant to carry harmful fumes out of the engine, through a contained system, and away from your car. via

    How do you test a fan? (video)

    How do I know if my fan clutch is reverse rotation?

    Clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation of the fan blade is defined as viewed from the front of the vehicle looking toward the rear. The replacement counter-clockwise fan clutch will be marked “REVERSE”. Always check for proper rotation of the fan clutch before starting the installation. via

    What causes a cooling fan not to work?

    The most common reasons a radiator fan is not working are luckily due to a blown fuse, bad relay, or a broken wire. It can also be caused by a faulty coolant temp sensor, low coolant level or the fan itself can be damaged. via

    What is the difference between a radiator fan and a cooling fan?

    The cooling fan is also known as a radiator fan because it's mounted directly to the radiator in some engine layout. Typically, the fan is positioned between the radiator and engine as it draws heat to the atmosphere. In front-wheel cars, the cooling fan used is an electrical component powered by the battery. via

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