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How much is a fuel pump for a 1998 Chevy S10?

We currently carry 9 Fuel Pump products to choose from for your 1998 Chevrolet S10, and our inventory prices range from as little as $174.99 up to $363.99. via

How much is a fuel pump for a Chevy S10?

Chevrolet S10 Fuel Pump Replacement Cost Estimate. The average cost for a Chevrolet S10 fuel pump replacement is between $583 and $774. Labor costs are estimated between $209 and $263 while parts are priced between $374 and $510. via

What causes a Chevy S10 not to start?

The most common reasons a Chevrolet S10 won't start are a dead battery, an alternator problem, or failed starter. via

What are common problems for a Chevy S10?

Top Chevrolet S10 Problems

  • ABS Light Due to Brake System Control Unit Failure.
  • Internal Faults in Distributor Can Cause Engine Problems.
  • Fuel Level Sensor Failure.
  • Replace Fuel Filter Every 30,000 to Prevent Fuel Pump Failure.
  • Heater Core Under Right Side of Dashboard May Leak Engine Coolant.
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    Where is the starter on Chevy s10? (video)

    Is the Chevy S10 Reliable?

    It is dependable, easy to work on and the cost of parts is reasonable. Have had my S10 extra cab since new in '01 and overall has been very dependable and good vehicle. via

    Is the 4.3 Chevy engine good?

    Overall, the 4.3 vortec is a very strong and reliable motor, proven by it being the longest lasting production vortec engine. Generally, these engines are extremely capable of lasting up to 300,000 miles. via

    What year did they stop making Chevy S10?

    A variant of that model launched several years later in South America. After two generations spanning 23 years on the market, the Chevrolet S10 was discontinued in North America in 2004, as GM ceased manufacturing and marketing the vehicle on the continent. via

    What happens when fuel pump fails?

    Low fuel pressure can lead to engine misfires, low acceleration, rough idles, and engine stalls. If your check engine light is on and your car has been stalling out, you may have a fuel pump failure. via

    Can a fuel pump work intermittently?

    There's no such thing as an intermittent mechanical fuel pump failure. Any power loss, engine 'choke' problems, etc. are being caused by something else. In a fuel injected engine, electric fuel pumps can fail intermittently. via

    How many hours does it take to change a fuel pump?

    On average, this will take somewhere between 2-3 hours. We'll average it out to 2 hours of labor – even though this can sometimes be much more. On average, you should expect to pay between $400-$600 dollars on average to have your fuel pump repaired at the mechanic. via

    What can ruin a fuel pump?

    Three Causes of Fuel Pump Failure

  • Fuel contamination: Fuel is jeopardized from corrosion, debris and moisture, which can all bring visible contaminants into the tank.
  • Clogged strainers/filters: The aforementioned contaminants eventually clog critical components including strainers, filters and the fuel pump itself.
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    How much is a starter for a Chevy S10?

    The average cost for a Chevrolet S10 starter replacement is between $351 and $531. Labor costs are estimated between $108 and $137 while parts are priced between $243 and $394. via

    How do you remove a starter from a Chevy S10? (video)

    Are Chevy S10 good on gas?

    Chevrolet has manufactured models of S10 Pickup 2WD for 20 years. They average 20.1 combined miles per gallon, with the latest 2003 S10 Pickup 2WD below average at 17 combined MPG.
    Fuel Efficiency.

    Vehicle Model 1992 Chevrolet S10 Pickup 2WD
    Combined MPG 17
    Highway MPG 20
    City MPG 15


    Which is better S10 or Ford Ranger?

    The Ranger is a good truck, and the s10 is as well. The Ranger is a little better built, but not by enough to make the s10 a bad choice. Maintenance is a bigger factor than innate build quality. via

    Why is S10 popular?

    The S10 is no exception; What it lacks in size, it makes up for with performance and unique character. It's a legendary representation of the unique origins of compact Chevy pickups. The first S-10 made its debut in 1982, a compact pickup that would accumulate a faithful fan base over time. via

    How much horsepower is in a 4.3 Vortec?

    4.3 Vortec Engine Specs

    Engine Production Years Horsepower
    Chevy 4.3L Vortec engine 1985 to 2013 2014 to 2022 Low: 155 hp @ 4600 RPM High: 285 hp @ 5300 RPM


    Is the Chevy S10 rare?

    Among all the Chevy trucks produced so far, the S10 EV is the rarest of all. The electric S10 was powered by the EV1's detuned drivetrains which churned 114 horsepower. It is believed that when the EV1 was launched, Chevy engineers got inspired by its modular powertrain. via

    Will Chevy bring back S10?

    The Chevy S10 is back, but not for us. The nameplate is returning to Chevy Mexico as a low-priced midsized pickup truck in Latin markets. This is not related to the Brazilian S10, which is rebadged here as the Chevy Colorado, but was born in a partnership with China's SAIC Motors, which is partners with GM. via

    What does LS LT and LTZ stand for?

    A trim level will determine what options and packages are available for purchase. The higher you go on the trim levels, the more luxurious everything gets. LS: “Luxury Sport” LT: “Luxury Touring” LTZ: “Luxury Touring Z” via

    Can a car run without a fuel pump?

    Without a fuel pump, the engine wouldn't get a fuel delivery, which is proven when a fuel pump isn't working. This will either cause your car to stall where it sits or you'll have poor fuel mileage, an indication that possible fuel pump repair or replacement is necessary. via

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