Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Does it matter what steering fluid I use?

Power steering fluid meets requirements for viscosity, detergents, additives, and other components. Meeting these standards ensures the power steering fluid is safe to use in specific vehicles. Because requirements vary among car makes and models, always use the fluid recommended in your owner's manual. via

What type of power steering fluid does my car take?

Most newer vehicles use synthetic power steering fluid. There are also non-synthetic, mineral-based oil power steering fluids that may be used in applications that accept ATF fluids. via

What kind of power steering fluid does a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder take?

Peak - Original Equipment Technology Full Synthetic Asian Power Steering Fluid, 12 oz. (Part No. PKPSFASN12) via

What's the difference between DEXRON 3 and DEXRON 2?

The improvements in Dexron-III(F) include better friction stability, more high-temperature oxidation stability, and better material compatibility. Dexron-III(F) has the same low-temperature fluidity as Dexron-II(E), for better transmission performance in cold weather. via

Do they still make Dexron 2?

Dexron, Dexron II, IID, and Dexron IIE—these are the original GM Dexron ATFs and are no longer licensed by the company, having been superseded by Dexron III, which has now itself been superseded by Dexron VI. via

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