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Can I put LED bulbs in my Ford Focus?

The bulbs available for your Ford Focus can be upgraded using halogen bulbs, LED bulbs, OE Xenon and HID conversion kits. via

What headlights are in a 2012 Ford Focus?

Ford Focus with Factory Halogen Headlights 2012, Black Factory Style Headlight by Spyder®. Black housing. Bulb: H7 low beam (not included), H1 high beam (not included), P21W turn signal (included). via

Can I put LED lights in my headlights?

Many drivers are tired and frustrated with the dull, yellowish light output from halogen headlight bulbs and as a result, we frequently get asked: “Can I put LED or HID bulbs in my stock halogen headlight?”. The good news is that, yes, you can. via

Can you replace halogen headlights with LED?

All vehicles fitted with halogen headlight bulbs from the factory are suitable for LED conversion. The main advantage is a massive increase in road illumination and therefore improved safety when driving at night. The kit I used features CREE LED bulbs that have an output of 3,200 lumens. via

Do Ford Focus have LED headlights?

Introducing the brightest H7 LED bulbs on the market & developed to be 100% Compatible with the MK2 Ford Focus.
Ford Focus MK2 LED Headlight Bulbs Project-X.

Lumens 12,000LM
Warranty 2 years


Can I put LED bulbs in halogen housing?

LEDs operate at a much lower voltage than standard halogens, so you're going to need an LED driver to step down the voltage. Likewise, you'll need to rewire your light monitoring circuitry. Otherwise, it will think there is a broken or faulty bulb. via

What bulbs are in a Ford Focus?

2000-2018 Ford Focus LED Bulb Size Replacement

Ford Focus 2002-2004 2012-2018
High Low Beam Headlight H4 /
Low Beam Headlight / H11
High Beam Headlight / H1
Front Fog Light / H11


What size windshield wipers do I need for a 2012 Ford Focus?

2012 Ford Focus Windshield Wiper Blade Size

The 2012 Ford Focus wiper blade sizes are a 28" driver's side blade and a 28" passenger's side blade. via

Why are halogen bulbs banned?

The ban on halogen light bulbs comes as part of a series of measures to address climate change. It is expected that the switch to LED bulbs will cut 1.26 million tonnes of CO2, which is the equivalent of removing more than half a million cars. via

Can I replace 12v halogen with LED?

Fortunately, upgrading Halogen MR16 light bulbs to LED is usually a painless affair, as most LED light bulbs are now designed to retrofit to existing light fittings. All you have to do to swap your old light bulbs out is remove them from the light fixture and fit the new, shiny light bulbs in their place. via

How do you focus LED headlights?

  • Turn the screw clockwise to raise the light.
  • Turn the screw counterclockwise to lower the light.
  • Look at the pattern on the wall once you have adjusted the lights.
  • via

    What are Ford adaptive headlights?

    Whenever your headlamps are turned on and in Autolamp mode, the headlamp beams move in the same direction as the steering wheel, illuminating the path ahead. Adaptive Headlamps work when the lighting control is in the Autolamp position. The system is only active at speeds above 3 mph. via

    Is it worth replacing halogen with LED?

    Replacing your existing incandescent or halogen bulbs with durable LED bulbs offers numerous benefits. You enjoy an even better light performance and benefit from very low energy consumption. Furthermore, LEDs can handle all hues of white light, so the warm yellowish light of halogen bulbs is perfectly within reach! via

    Are LED headlights brighter than halogen?

    Brighter lights might not necessarily let you see farther down the road. You can't help but notice high-intensity discharge (HID/xenon) and light-emitting diode (LED) headlights—the light they produce is noticeably brighter and whiter than halogen headlights. via

    How much is a headlight for a Ford Focus?

    Ford Focus Headlight Bulb Replacement Cost Estimate. The average cost for a Ford Focus headlight bulb replacement is between $138 and $152. Labor costs are estimated between $49 and $62 while parts are priced at $90. via

    What headlight bulb does a 2015 Ford Focus use?

    Sylvania Clear H11 Halogen Bulb. via

    What headlight bulb does a 2003 Ford Focus take?

    Sylvania - H7 Basic Halogen Bulb, Pack of 2 (Part No. H7. BP2) via

    What is the difference between xenon and LED headlights?

    The main difference between the LED lights and Xenon is the lighting functionality. LED lights functions with the help of diodes and electrons, while Xenon light bulbs are filled with gas and have a filament to glow. via

    How do you put a windshield wiper on a 2012 Ford Focus? (video)

    How do you fill the windshield washer fluid on a Ford Focus? (video)

    Can LED headlights cause problems?

    The most common LED headlight conversion problems boil down to inconsistent light output. From flickering and fading to not powering up at all, these common problems typically relate back to one issue. LEDs operate by accessing a vehicle's stock power supply and converting it into useable energy. via

    Do LED headlights save fuel?

    Audi's range of LED headlights is just such a technology, and the European Commission has certified it as an official fuel-saving technology. In tests comparing non-LED and LED-headlamped Audis, those with the new technology were measurably more efficient--with CO2 reductions of over 1.6 grams per mile. via

    Are LED bulbs legal?

    Unfortunately not. LED upgrade bulbs can't be classed as road legal because they cannot be E marked or have the British Standard mark. The reason that LED upgrade bulbs can't be E marked is simply because no legislation exists for the use of LED technology in a headlight unit built for halogens. via

    What are the disadvantages of LED headlights?

    Cons of LED Headlights

    The glare associated with LED headlights is one of the biggest disadvantages of this technology. The glare can get so bad that it could affect other people on the road. Experts also worry that it can cause long-term retina damage. Also, LED headlights are more expensive than halogen lights. via

    Do LED headlights ice up?

    -LEDs… like your taillights, some aftermarket headlights and nearly all fog lights and clearance lights on the market… are prone to freezing. Spray them with cooking spray, Fabulous PB Blaster or WD-40 before you head out. via

    Will LED headlights melt snow?

    When you're using LED lights, they aren't producing enough heat to melt the snow compared to non-LED lights. In comparison, halogen projectors act as a heating element melting snow and ice off the headlight. via

    Which is brighter xenon or LED?

    One reason why xenon lights have gained in popularity is due to their extreme brightness. It's often brighter than both an LED light and a standard headlight. These brighter headlights do come with a trade-off, though. They use much more energy than the LED light. via

    Can you convert HID to LED?

    An LED lamp and driver is another option to upgrade your HID lighting. In this scenario, you remove the ballast, replace it with an LED driver, and add a light array (or bulb). via

    Are aftermarket LED headlights safe?

    But stuffing aftermarket LED headlight bulbs into OEM housings designed for conventional halogen units results in dangerous glare for oncoming drivers. While LEDs can deliver more intense light at a higher end of the spectrum, most aftermarket units also create a hazardous condition. via

    What light bulbs are illegal?

    The following lighting products are part of the ban,

  • Linear fluorescent lamps with 87 CRI or higher.
  • Impact-resistant linear fluorescent lamps.
  • GSLs with a medium screw base.
  • A and C shaped lamps between 200 – 310 lumens.
  • Shatter-resistant lamps.
  • Three-way lamps.
  • via

    What bulbs will replace halogen?

    LED light bulbs use light-emitting diodes to produce lights. They are more environmentally friendly than halogen light bulbs and tend to last longer, making them a more cost-effective choice in the long run. via

    How can you tell the difference between an LED and a halogen bulb?

    Comparison between LED and halogen lights

    Halogen lamps have a filament which generates the visible light in addition to the waste heat. The filament is very sensitive to shocks when switched on. LED lamps, on the other hand, are based on semiconductor technology and are shockproof and insensitive to vibrations. via

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