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Do Rancho shocks lift your truck?

Rancho® Brand Introduces RS5000X™ Shock Series for Lifted Trucks, SUVs. Las Vegas, Nov. 4, 2014 – The Rancho® brand has released a new larger RS5000X™ shock series that helps deliver precisely controlled off-road performance to lifted trucks and sport utility vehicles found around the globe. via

Is Rancho or Bilstein better?

To Bilsteins high pressure gas, Ranchos offers low pressure gas for smoother operation. Generally, Bilstein 5100 are sturdier due to the monotube construction. The zinc plating also helps – while both shocks are made of steel, 9000XL are only painted. via

What is special about Rancho shocks?

They're known for delivering “rugged performance for work and play in any on – or off-road environment.” Rancho® shocks are often included on special trims of vehicles that emphasize off-road prowess. The result is a greater ability to take on the off-road environment in an optimized fashion. via

Are Rancho shocks stiff?

Quick review...these things are stiff as hell and made my ride so much rougher I've considered putting the stock ones back on. Even the one that was blown out. I wasn't expecting to float in comfort, but not to rattle my fillings either. Even at 30 PSI. via

Are Rancho shocks Made in USA?

One thing to keep in mind as well when comparing these shocks, Rancho manufacturers the RS5000X in Arkansas, USA, while Bilstein manufactures their shocks in Germany and the United States. via

How do you adjust Rancho shocks?

Adjusting the shock is as easy as turning the knob on the shock's body just below the mount. Start by turning the knob counterclockwise to 1, and then start to fine-tune to achieve the ride you want. via

Where is Rancho suspension made?

Rancho Springs

Designed and manufactured in Australia featuring premium high strength silicon chrome alloy steel for enhanced performance and longer life. via

Are Rancho RS5000X any good?

In comparison to the Fox shocks, I would have to say that the Rancho RS5000X shocks do a better job of absorbing all of the slower speed bumps and vibrations from the road. By 'better', I mean they ride softer and absorb slower speed bumps and vibrations with less of a 'jolt'. via

Are Rancho 5000X shocks good?

The result is a shock absorber that strikes a balance between soft and stiff, making the Rancho 5000X “a positive experience for the consumer,” according to Rancho's Chris Gauss. Additionally, the 10-stage velocity sensitive damping in the RS5000 gave way to progressive engagement valving. via

Which shocks are better skyjacker or Rancho?

The Rancho's are the Skyjackers as far as not stiff, but they control bounce so much better. They almost feel like car shocks, in that they don't bounce during or after the fact, yet aren't stiff at all. via

How do Rancho 9000 shocks work? (video)

Are Rancho shocks nitrogen?

Rancho RS5000 Shock

The RS5000 uses twin-tube construction, with a piston that travels through shock oil in the inner tube and a gas chamber filled with nitrogen in the outer tube. via

How do you know if your shocks are too stiff?

Push down over one tire (or corner) with your full weight and the vehicle should "sink quickly" about 1-2 inches. If not, your springs and/or anti-roll bars are too stiff. On the other hand, if the vehicle sinks slowly, then the shocks are too stiff. via

How do you adjust Rancho 9000 shocks?

Adjusting the RS9000XL is easy, simply turn the dial counter-clockwise to soften, and clockwise to stiffen. You'll feel each setting “click” as the dial passes the 12 o'clock position, which is the current setting. Each RS9000XL comes from the factory set to 5, which is fine for most lightweight applications. via

Why do Rancho shocks come compressed?

The only reason they come compressed or banded is so they'll fit in a certain size box. Cut the band or twist yours open and they'll expand pretty slow. via

Do Rancho shocks have oil in them?

There's nearly 100% oil fill. On a gas shock, around 30% of its volume consists of the (empty) nitrogen-charge. via

Do new shocks come with new bolts?

The front shocks come with a full set of new bolts... so you can toss out all the old front ones..... The rear shocks come with the bolts for the "top" of the shock.... IE the ones you are asking about... You will have to reuse the bolt that attaches the shock to the axle.... via

How do you install Rancho rear shocks? (video)

Are Rancho shocks height adjustable?

The Rancho® RS9000™XL 9-position adjustable series delivers nine levels of performance to on- and off-road trucks, SUVs and Jeeps. Globally recognized as the first 9-position manually adjustable ride control series in the off-road market, the advanced RS9000XL series is ideal for on- and off-road use, towing and more. via

How do you adjust the height on Rancho quick lift struts? (video)

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