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How do you test a steering knuckle?

Inspect steering links, ball joints and tie rod ends

If you look behind the front right or left wheel of your vehicle, you'll find the wheel attached to a steering knuckle. Each steering knuckle links to the steering and suspension systems. via

When should I replace my steering knuckles?

If the ball pin hole in the knuckle shows signs of excessive wear, corrosion or distortion, the knuckle should be replaced. Also check for signs of wear on the taper of the ball pin, which could also indicate a worn knuckle that needs replacement. via

Are spindle and knuckle the same?

In automotive suspension, a steering knuckle or upright is that part which contains the wheel hub or spindle, and attaches to the suspension and steering components. The terms spindle and hub are sometimes used interchangeably with steering knuckle, but refer to different parts. via

What is the purpose of a steering knuckle?

Steering knuckle is the pivot point of the steering and suspension system, which allows the front wheels to turn and also allow the movement of suspension arms motion. via

What connects to the steering knuckle?

Description. On cars with conventional suspension systems, the steering knuckle includes a spindle and connects the upper and lower ball joints. On cars with MacPherson strut suspension systems, the steering knuckle connects the strut assembly to the lower ball joint. via

Is it safe to weld a steering shaft?

It can be correctly welded and xrayed . via

Can you weld a steering arm?

If you are a competant welder or have someone who is do the mods then you're fine - like Woody said, cast steel is not cast iron, you can weld or bend steering components and have it turn out fine. I welded my drop pitman and ran a sleeved relay rod for a while - no issues. via

What are steering shafts made of?

In accordance with the present invention, the steering shaft and flange is made either from solid steel bar or from steel tubing and is integrally formed to provide a more reliable steering component which will contribute to vehicle operator safety. via

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