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How useful is a CDL?

A Commercial Driver's License Gives You a Marketable Edge

Even if you don't have to drive a commercial vehicle very often, having a CDL gives you quite an advantage in the workplace. The time and effort you spent earning it proves that you are committed to adding skills that give you value. via

What are the benefits of becoming a truck driver?


  • Salary. Truck drivers benefit from moderate salaries as drivers who are new to the trucking industry average $50,000 or more after training.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Job Security.
  • No Degree Required.
  • Travel.
  • Freedom and Flexibility.
  • Improving Industry.
  • Truck Driver Benefits Key Takeaways.
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    Do truck drivers get retirement?

    Most trucking companies offer great truck driving retirement plans. Truck driving is also one of the most lucrative hourly wage jobs out there, meaning that chances are high you'll have enough income to both comfortably support your family and put some money away in retirement savings. via

    Do truck drivers get a pension?

    Pension. A pension plan is a type of retirement plan in which an employer contributes to a special fund set aside for their employees. They can be helpful for truckers because they guarantee a fixed monthly benefit in retirement. Employers invest and guarantee a specific retirement payout for each of their workers. via

    Why do truck drivers quit?

    There are many individuals with the training and skills needed to fill these truck driving job positions. But due to low pay and less than desirable working conditions, many are leaving the industry, in search of a better career. via

    Is it worth getting into the trucking industry?

    Truck drivers can earn a good income. How much does a truck driver make? On average drivers earn $50,909, while Over The Road (OTR) drivers who haul freight over long distances earn on average nearly $64,000 per year. Private fleets- those that deliver freight only for one company- often have much higher levels of pay. via

    What are trucker bombs?

    trucker bomb (plural trucker bombs) (US, slang) A bottle filled with urine and thrown from a motor vehicle, to save the occupant from having to use a rest stop toilet etc. via

    At what age do most truckers retire?

    Currently, the average retirement age for truck drivers is 62 years old. However, according to the OOIDA, most independent drivers plan on retiring at 67 years of age. While the average retirement age for drivers is a good estimate, it does not accurately reflect how individual drivers feel about retirement. via

    What is the status of the Butch Lewis act?

    It was included as part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which President Biden signed into law on March 11, 2021. via

    Does YRC still have a pension plan?

    YRC Worldwide last week said it has reached an agreement with the largest pension fund that pays benefits to YRC's unionized employees. The agreement allows the company to defer $83 million in second-quarter pension payments while it provides real estate as collateral. via

    Does ABF Freight have a pension plan?

    ABF has a pension retirement for their union employees. They pay for your health care and dental. via

    Why do truckers get hemorrhoids?

    In truck drivers, though, hemorrhoids are more likely to develop because of a low-fiber diet and irregular bathroom breaks that lead to constipation and excessive straining. Heavy lifting may also be a contributing factor. via

    How hard is it to become a trucker?

    In fact, some drivers will rack up around 3000 miles each week on the job, which sometimes requires early mornings and late nights to meet deadlines. While many would assume having to maneuver a big truck would be the most difficult part of the job, the long hours are often what truck drivers say is the hardest part. via

    Are semi trucks automatic or manual?

    The strictly manual transmission is disappearing from the cabs of semi tractor-trailers —and the strong economy is one reason why. In its place is a manual transmission with a computer that automates the shifting of gears. That's different from the automatic transmission that's common in cars and light trucks. via

    Does Truck Driving get easier?

    Yes, it absolutely gets easier. Like the two above said, go at your own pace. As you learn and develop skills, your pace will become faster. My trainer didn`t like how cautious I was when going around tight corners and when driving in a yard or truck stop. via

    Can you go to the gym as a trucker?

    Gyms are great places to work out and access a variety of exercise equipment at a relatively low cost. Most gyms even offer showers and other amenities that can help truck drivers stay healthy, fit and feeling their best. via

    What percentage of truck drivers are obese?

    A recent report by the New York Times cited a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association that found 86 percent of the estimated 3.2 million truck drivers in America are obese. via

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