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Will a cold air intake void my Kia warranty?

We sell our intakes and exhaust to Kia Dealers and they install them and they do NOT void the warranty because of it. via

What intake adds the most HP?

10 Best Cold Air Intakes for More Horsepower

  • K&N 71 Series Blackhawk Air Intake.
  • Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake.
  • AIRAID Intake System.
  • Volant Cold Air Intake.
  • K&N 57 Series Cold Air Intake.
  • Injen Power-Flow Cold Air Intake.
  • Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit.
  • K&N 77 Series Cold Air Intake.
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    Do intakes add horsepower?

    How Much HP Does a Cold Air Intake Add? When upgrading your air intake, truck owners can expect an increase of between 5 to 15 horsepower, though this number can be higher or lower depending on your make, model, engine size, and type of intake. via

    Do air intakes increase horsepower?

    And despite their simplicity, a cold air intake actually provides a decent horsepower boost for a small investment. A cold air intake works by moving the engine's air filter away from the engine, so that the air being sucked in is cooler. via

    Will a cold air intake increase mpg?

    Cold air intake - Cold air intakes will improve fuel efficiency, only to the extent that they are actually delivering colder air versus your stock intake. Air cleaners and filters - Air cleaners and filters generally don't produce much in the way of fuel economy. via

    Will K&N air filter void factory warranty?


    Is a K&N cold air intake worth it?

    For those in the market for an air intake system, a K&N air intake system is often recommended, and rightly so. A popular choice not just because of K&N's extensive history and great reputation, K&N intake systems offer proven performance gains for minimal cost and installation effort. via

    Do performance air intakes really work?

    More oxygen means more power from your engine, so improved airflow is an excellent way to increase the performance of your vehicle. This is where a cold air intake system is extremely effective; improved airflow. This inexpensive mod can be exceptionally useful if paired with other vehicle enhancements. via

    Is a cold air intake worth the money?

    Cold air intakes can help improve your car's gas mileage. This is due to the fact that the right volume of oxygen thrusted through the engine is important when the internal combustion engines yield power by burning fuel. via

    Do you need to tune your car after installing a cold air intake? (video)

    Do cold air intakes make your car louder?

    Quick answer – Yes. The sound of your car will be louder and more aggressive with a cold air intake. Instead of loudness though, a cold air intake changes the sound of your car engine. You will clearly hear the sound of air flowing into the intake – especially when you rev up the car and then release the throttle. via

    How often should I clean K&N air filter?

    Filters within K&N drop-in replacement High-Flow Fuel Cell Intake Systems typically require servicing once every 50,000 miles when driven on ordinary highway surfaces, with the larger filters being cleaned over 50,000 miles before going through regular highway gears once in every 100 miles. via

    How long does a K&N filter last?

    K&N High-Flow Air Filters™ are designed to last for the life of your vehicle, and are protected by a Million-Mile Limited Warranty. With normal use, they can go up to 50,000 miles before a cleaning is needed (the larger conical filters included with K&N intake systems can go up to 100,000 miles between services). via

    Are high performance air filters worth it?

    In fact, a high flow air filter can actually increase your horsepower by about 3 to 5 HP and increase your torque as well. At the same time, this can lead to increased fuel efficiency. via

    Do K&N filters Really Work?

    The K&N was, again, the best of the bunch. 20-60 mph happened in 8.81 seconds, and 45-60 mph took 3.49 seconds. Yes, the aftermarket performance air filters do work. But, don't expect oodles of extra ponies to suddenly show up when mashing the throttle. via

    Does an intake void warranty?

    Will a Cold air Intake Void my factory warranty? No. In the United States, for the manufacturer of a warranted product (in this case, a vehicle) to void or deny warranty coverage of a repair due to the use of an aftermarket part (a Cold Air Inductions, Inc. via

    How much torque does a cold air intake add?

    It can add 15-30 horsepower and 20-30 lb-ft of torque on most basic cars. If you have a turbocharger, supercharger, or any other modifications such as a cold air intake, this tune can also add more power to all of those parts that can make your horsepower increase even more. via

    Do spark plugs increase horsepower?

    When you change your worn-out spark plug with fresh spark plugs, you'll notice a much faster engine response when driving. While spark plugs don't technically increase your engine's horsepower, they bring it back to its optimal combustion level. via

    Does a bigger throttle body add horsepower?

    A bigger throttle body means more air

    And since the engine is basically a large air pump, increasing the air intake level will increase the engine's power output as well, in some cases by up to 15 to 25 hp. via

    What does upgrading cold air intake do?

    Increased Mileage

    Getting a cold air intake system is an engine upgrade that improves your air to fuel ratio. The more air that goes through your engine, the less fuel it has to burn. This means you'll get noticeably better gas mileage. You'll notice your trips to the gas station become fewer and far between. via

    What does cold air do to your lungs?

    And when cold air enters into the airways, our lungs begin to tighten: “Cold air contains less moisture, and breathing it in can dry out the airways. This can cause the airways to spasm, triggering an asthma attack, which can involve coughing,” [5]. via

    How much horsepower does cold air intake add?

    Cold Air Intakes are said to improve your vehicle's performance by 5-20 horsepower. This number will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. While this isn't enough power to put you back in your seat, it will give your car or truck a little pep in its step. via

    Can you drive a cold air intake in the rain?

    Driving with a cold-air intake in the rain will not cause your engine to hydrolock. Driving with a coil-air intake without splash shields and fender lines will cause you problems. If you aren't able to avoid driving through water deeper than 6-8 inches deep, a cold-air probably isn't for you. via

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