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Is Camco TST Max septic safe?

The drop-ins are RV and marine approved, non-formaldehyde and safe for all septic tanks—they're even great for portable camping toilets! via

How do I use Camco TST? (video)

How often do you use RV toilet drop ins?

In general, you should dump it out every 3-5 days. Alternatively, consider dumping it when it is about two-thirds full. via

How do you use TST?

The Camco TST toilet treatment is simple to use: Just drop a packet into your toilet, and you'll get rid of smells for up to a week. One container comes with 30 treatments that treat tanks up to 40 gallons. via

What does TST Max do?

TST MAX RV Toilet Treatment helps control unwanted odors and break down waste and tissue in your black water holding tank. The easy-to-use toilet treatments contain a special chemical that helps break down waste. via

Does TST Max Freeze?

Does it hurt it if it gets frozen? Thanks for your time. Expert Reply: It's perfectly okay to leave the TST RV Gray-Water Odor Control Concentrated Liquid Treatment # CAM40252 in freezing conditions. via

How do you use RV toilet pods? (video)

How do you use RV toilet chemicals?

Once you have a base of a couple of gallons of water in your black tank, simply press down on the flushing valve for your toilet and dump the liquid chemical down the toilet, or add the RV toilet tablets. Your RV toilet is now ready to use. via

Should you keep water in RV toilet?

Yes, you should always keep water in your RV toilet unless you're driving. The water will help block stinky odors coming from your black water tank. It also helps in maintaining a clean bowl and conserving your water supply. via

How do you get rid of the poop pyramid in RV black?

To eliminate a poop pyramid, you need to get water into your black tank. The first thing you should do is close the black tank valve and get as much water into the black tank as possible. If the poop pyramid prohibits you from putting water into the tank, get some tank cleaner to pour down into the sewer drain. via

How do you deodorize an RV holding tank? (video)

How long do toilet chemicals last?

This is sometimes referred to as the 'pink' chemical, after the colour of the early flush-water tank fluids. Most toilet fluids tend to lose their effectiveness after about three days so it is best to either empty your loo or top up with fresh fluid regularly. via

How do you empty poop from an RV? (video)

Should you put antifreeze in your black tank?

While in use - when using antifreeze while the RV is in use, you should only add antifreeze to the black and gray tanks (never add it to the freshwater tank while in use) and you'll likely need to keep adding antifreeze to maintain effectiveness. via

Can you mix RV toilet treatment with antifreeze?

There is not so much an issue with damage as long as the frozen water has room to expand like in a gray or black tank. Having said that, I see no reason you could not mix rv antifreeze and black tank treatment (although the antifreeze is probably not necessary but, whatever). via

Can you use regular antifreeze in an RV?

Automotive antifreeze is very toxic. RV antifreeze is not. (I would not drink it) Part of the breakdown of the waste in your holding tank AND the dump stations is done by micro-organisms. Automotive antifreeze will kill them. via

Can you poop in a cassette toilet?

Can you poop in a cassette toilet? You sure can! Cassette toilets are designed to hold liquid waste, solid waste, and toilet paper, just like a traditional RV toilet. via

How do you use a TST RV toilet treatment? (video)

Can you poop in an RV toilet?

RV toilets are designed to handle all human waste, including your poop. If you are properly maintaining your black tank and RV toilet, plus using plenty of fresh water when flushing, you will be able to poop in your RV without experiencing clogs or smells. via

Do you have to put chemicals in an RV toilet?

Why Do You Need RV Toilet Chemicals? Neglecting to use RV toilet chemicals in your black tanks can lead to various problems. Build-up can occur on the sidewalls of the tank, even if you routinely empty your black tanks and flush them out. This can damage your sensors, cause horrible odors, and eventually clogs. via

How do I keep my RV toilet clean?

  • Keep the bowl half full. This will help keep streaking to a minimum.
  • Use a non-abrasive brush or sponge.
  • Use the attached sprayer.
  • Coat the toilet inside with fiberglass RV wax.
  • Turn the bathroom vent off when flushing.
  • Clean your black tank regularly.
  • Use dissolvable toilet paper.
  • via

    What toilet paper is safe for RV?

    If you wish to stay with an RV-approved toilet paper, Thetford Quick Dissolve, Camco RV, Thetford Aqua-Soft and Scott's Rapidly Dissolving (with claims that it breaks down 4X faster than other brands) are well-known for dissolving and moving quickly through the RV black tank. via

    Can you use Lysol toilet bowl cleaner in an RV?

    Cleaners such as Lysol and Clorox have high concentrations of bleach and other harsh chemicals. We do not recommend the use of harsh chemical cleaners to clean your RV's toilet. A good alternative is Ecos Toilet Bowl Cleaner. via

    What is GREY water in an RV?

    Black Versus Gray Water Tank

    The gray tank holds any and all wastewater from your trailer or RV - this is primarily water that drains through the various sinks in your RV. This includes your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and if you have one, your outdoor kitchen sink. via

    How long can fresh water stay in RV tank?

    Two weeks is the simple answer to how long to keep fresh water in an RV tank IF you aren't using the water and refilling during that time. When water sits unused in a tank, it can become unsafe and therefore undrinkable. via

    Is it OK to leave grey tank open?

    You can leave your gray valve in the open position so water runs right down the drain. You don't have to pay any attention to how full your gray tank is and you don't have to dump it every few days. But there's no chance for sewer odors to escape either. via

    Can you put bleach in a grey water tank?

    When it comes to the grey tank, bleach again is the key. First scrub the shower and sink drains thoroughly, and then dump the grey tank at an appropriate facility. Then pour one cup of bleach for every 15 gallons of waste water into the grey tank. via

    How do I know if my RV black tank is full?

    To determine if you have another sink draining in your black tank, start by draining your gray tank. Once empty, leave the gray tank drain open. Now, turn on one of the faucets in the RV. If you don't see any water flowing out of the gray tank, then you know it's draining into the black. via

    What will dissolve feces?

    Household Bleach

    Use bleach just in case when your toilet is clogged severely. You will need to pour two to three cups of household bleach to the bowl. Wait until it dissolves the poop, and then flush the toilet a few times. via

    Can you snake an RV toilet?

    Sometimes a plunger doesn't fit well into the toilets on some RVs. In this case, try using a slim toilet snake, sometimes also called an auger. This flexible coil of wire can snake through the toilet drain to break down an obstruction. Simply push it down the toilet until you hit the clog. via

    How do I stop my RV black tank from smelling?

  • Refill the Water to Keep Things Flowing Smoothly.
  • Add Water With Each Flush and Black Water Tank Chemicals.
  • Preventing and Cleaning Clogs.
  • Scour and Clean Your Tank.
  • Clean the Toilet and the Flapper.
  • Repair Work Needed.
  • via

    Can I put bleach in my RV black tank?

    Cleaning your black water holding tank is best done when you're fully hooked up and have both a water and sewer connection. Avoid using bleach or antifreeze for your deep clean, as both of these can dry out rubber seals and ultimately ruin your sewage system. via

    How often should I sanitize my RV water tank?

    Possibly the most important step you can take is to keep the fresh water system sanitized. At a minimum you should sanitize the system every spring when you take the RV out of storage and any time you notice stale water or an odor. via

    What is green toilet fluid?

    The green version of the number 1 toilet additive is an environmentally conscious and easy to use toilet fluid that uses a biological action for the waste holding tank. A strong formula breaks down waste and toilet paper, whilst keeping the tank smelling fresh. via

    How long can I leave cassette toilet?

    How long your cassette toilet will last depends on the size you go for, and how many people there are using it. We have a 21L model that lasts for roughly 50-60 flushes, which works out as about four days. via

    What chemicals are used in a camping toilet?

    There are two types of chemicals you can use in your portable camping toilet. The first is the blue toilet fluid that you put in the waste holding tank, as mentioned above. You can also buy pink bowl cleaner. You can put this in your flushing water to keep the bowl area clean, germ-free and smelling pleasant. via

    Why does my camper smell like poop?

    The smell can be a result of valves left open and waste being allowed to dry out. It's also a good idea to check the sink drain because it uses a one-way vent or a sewer vent pipe that extends to your RV's roof. If it breaks or gets blocked or stuck, you'll need to find someone to clean or replace the pipes. via

    How often should I flush my black water tank?

    You should dump your black water tank every 3-5 days or when it gets to be two-thirds full, whichever is first. The steps to emptying your black water tank are listed below: Put on gloves. Connect the hose to the black tank water drain. via

    What should I put in my RV black tank? (video)

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