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What does a headache rack do?

Headache racks take the headache out of transporting large items. They allow you to tie your cargo down securely so that it is not a hazard to you, other drivers or to your truck. via

Do headache racks fit all trucks?

Team Universal: One Size Fits All

Because they're, well, universal, universal headache racks are made to fit different truck body types. Before you take the plunge, we should explore why a universal rack might be a good fit for you. There are a few upsides to opting for a universal headache rack. via

Is a headache rack required by DOT?

Headache racks and bulkheads are not required by federal regulations. However, using them is still smart as it protects cargo and prevents damage. If a truck owner has the opportunity to install one or both without causing major inconvenience or financial stress, it would not make sense to decline said opportunity. via

Will a Ford headache rack fit a Chevy?

If your new truck is an entirely different make and/or model, then the cab rack size will no longer be correct, as originally engineered. For example, racks tailored to fit Ford trucks are typically wider and taller than the same design intended for a Chevy/GM. Chevy truck beds are among the narrowest on the market. via

What is the point of a Backrack on a truck?

Truck back racks or also known as headache racks are a truck accessory that mounts to the cab of your truck. In doing so, they provide protection to the passengers from the cargo in the box. Also, provides a place to mount gear and carry ladders in your truck box. via

Do headache racks look good?

While a headache rack can enhance the rugged good looks of any pickup truck, their most important purpose is to protect the cab and rear window from damage. Without one, all it takes is one accidental load shift and your day is ruined. via

How do you install a headache rack? (video)

How do I measure my headache rack?

Step 1: Measure the top of the cab of your truck with the tape measure to determine how wide you want the rack to be. Step 2: Using the tape measure, measure the distance from the outside of the top of the bed rails from the passenger side of the truck to the driver side. via

Where are Magnum racks made?

We're not just a story of Made in the USA, we're a story of Made in Maine, where craftsmanship and work ethic is legendary. Our 50,000 sq' facility is located in Mid Maine. via

Do flatbed trucks have to have a headache rack to haul?

While headache racks are not specifically required by law, you do have the legal obligation to ensure that your cargo is being transported safely and that those inside your vehicle are protected. A headache rack can help you accomplish both of these goals. via

How many tie downs do I need?

Use a minimum of 4 tie-downs if your cargo:

The FMCSA recommends that you add one tie-down for every additional 10 feet of length. If extra footage does not add up to 10 additional feet, a supplemental tie-down is still needed. via

Do straps have to be inside the rub rail?

The regulations state 'wherever practicable' the straps are to be inside the rub rail, but if there is no other place to attach the straps as in the case of an overhanging load, or if the trailer is built without rub rails, then they have to attach them to the outside rails.” via

Do back racks fit all trucks?

In most cases, if you are purchasing the same make and model of truck, your current BACKRACK™ should fit. However, if your new truck is an entirely different make and/or model, the frame size may no longer be the correct one. A frame that is too big or too small will take away from your new truck's aesthetics. via

Why is it called headache rack?

Headache racks received their name because they keep tools and materials from breaking into the cab through the rear window. By preventing items from coming through, they also protect passengers in the cab from being struck in the back of the head, which would cause a massive headache. via

How much weight can you put on a BACKRACK?

Rear racks are usually rated to carry loads between 20 and 50 pounds, which is sufficient for most uses. A few heavy-duty touring models are able to carry up to 80 pounds. via

How do I choose a truck rack?

Selecting the right truck rack

The type of truck you drive is the most important factor in determining what rack to purchase because there are different racks available for pickup trucks. Truck racks are designed for different types and weights of hauling cargo. via

How much does a headache rack weight?

Standard Equipped Semi Truck Headache Racks (Full Width Trays):

70″ 68″ 163.02
76″ 68″ 170.24
86″ 68″ 181.06


Whats a headache rack on a semi?

Headache racks are designed to protect your truck's rear window from shifting cargo by completely framing it as well as covering the glass. It is placed at the back of a cab and is purposely built to protect semi-truck passengers ad drivers from moving cargo. via

What is a bulkhead on a trailer?

An insulated bulkhead is a thermal barrier in a trailer, truck body or van that separates fresh, frozen or dry goods. This allows multiple temperatures in one vehicle, or the reduction of cooled space to reduce energy consumption. via

Can you put a tonneau cover on with a Backrack? (video)

How do you mount a Backrack?

Installation is simple. Drop them on and bolt them in. Once you secure the custom Stake Pocket Bolts in the stake holes, the SIDERAILS drop into the pockets over the bolts. Turn down the nuts with a ratchet and finish the installation by inserting the plastic cap inside the stake holes to hide all the fasteners. via

How do you install a toolbox back rack? (video)

How do you make a truck headache rack? (video)

What is a headache rack for truck?

A headache rack (pictured above) goes across the back of the cab. Its main purpose is to protect the passengers in the cab from cargo in the bed. If you're carrying a lot of cargo and make a sudden stop, that cargo could potentially fly through the rear cab window and injure a passenger. via

How tall should a headache rack be?

The height of the B&W Custom Headache Rack # BWPUCP7500BA has a height of 24-3/8 inches. You'd want to measure from the top of your bed rails to the top of the truck cab to see if it would be taller than it or not. via

Where are back racks made?

All Backrack products are manufactured in North America and are sold through an extensive network of distributors and dealers. For more information, please visit their website at via

How do you install a Magnum truck rack? (video)

What is a bulkhead on a flatbed trailer?

A bulkhead is affixed to the front end of a flatbed trailer to prevent forward movement of cargo and protect the driver carrying heavy loads. via

Are ratchet straps DOT approved?

All of our ratchet straps are DOT-approved and are manufactured with labels attached that include break strength and work load limit information. They also meet several requirements, including: Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) guidelines. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. via

Do pickup trucks have tie downs?

Most trucks are made with tie-down points. Some come in the form of post holes built into the truck bed and some come as D-rings (pictured below). However the tie-down point comes, this particular tie-down will fit into most of them. The ratchet tie-down is tightened to secure your cargo. via

How much weight can a ratchet strap hold?

Ratchet straps can have a working load limit up to 5,000 lbs. with a 15,000-lb break strength rating, and can create a tighter and more secure restraint – ideal for solid, heavy loads. via

Can strap be on outside of rub rail?

If your chains or straps are located outside the rub rails and you rub the trailer against a wall, barricade, or other object, your tiedowns — and not the rub rails — could take the brunt of the impact. via

What is the purpose of a rub rail? (video)

How many tie downs are required for heavy equipment?

The rules require that vehicular cargo must be restrained and tied down using a minimum of four tie downs, each having a working load limit of at least 5,000 lb. The tiedowns must be attached at either the front and rear of a vehicle load or at the mounting points on the vehicle. via

How much is a BACKRACK?

Backrack Original Headache Rack

List Price: $238.80 - $486.00
Our Price: $216.00 - $405.30
Free Shipping
Talk To An Expert 877-216-5446
Rating: 139


How do you install a BACKRACK on a bedliner? (video)

What is the rack on the back of a truck called?

A headache rack is a truck accessory that can be added to the truck bed. The product may be made out of aluminum or steel (ours are steel) and it sits on the truck's bed rails right behind the cab. via

What is a cab guard?

Cab protectors, also known as headache racks, or cab guards, protect the cab, and rear window of your truck from potentially shifting cargo by framing it and covering the glass. A cab protector will help keep both you and your passengers safe. via

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