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Where is the Dark Secret Place?

In addition, Suits continued to host The Dark Secret Place, on Sundays from 2 to 4 pm, on AM 640 KFI Los Angeles. Beginning early March 2012, the show was moved to Saturday evenings, following the end of the Saturday installment of the Phil Hendrie show. via

What happened to Brian suits at KFI?

Suits left the station in 2021 to focus on a paid podcast program. Suits was an Army medic during Operation Desert Storm, served in the National Guard, and was deployed as part of a NATO mission to Bosnia and as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and more. via

Is KFI conservative?

In its climb up the ratings charts over the past four years, talk-radio station KFI-AM (640) has taken on a much more conservative tone, following the lead of its top-rated personality, Rush Limbaugh. via

How can I listen to Brian's suits?

Get all the news, politics and in-depth military talk that you literally can't find anywhere else on radio with the Dark Secret Place with Bryan Suits! Listen live every Saturday night from 8-11 PM Pacific Time on KFI AM 640 and iHeartRADIO. via

Who is leaving KFI?

Kris Ankarlo has been absolutely amazing to the KFI family. After 5 wonderful years, an excellent reporter's journey continues. From the East to the West, Kris engulfed himself into California. via

Why is KFI off the air?

5/25/2021 4:04 PM PT

radio vets are getting yanked off the air after they broadcast a horribly racist skit where they pretended to interview an Asian woman complete with a stereotypical accent. KFI AM's Tim Conway Jr. via

Who is Shannon Farren?

Shannon Farren takes listeners to the field and describes what it's like working as the Bolts' radio sideline reporter, what's been her favorite stadium to visit, and more. via

Who is Mo Kelly?

Morris W. O'Kelly (Mo'Kelly) is a radio and television commentator specializing in politics and current affairs. Presently, his daily radio commentary "Mo'Kelly's 2-Minute Warning" is syndicated nationally across the Black Information Network and iHeartRadio. via

Where is Tim Conway Jr?

Tim Conway, Jr. resides in Burbank, California with his wife. via

Why did Brian leave suits?

Meanwhile, Katrina gets pulled into Brian's solo case and an uncharacteristic move of hers makes Brian realizes he cannot turn off his feelings for her, causing him to resign from the firm. via

Who's on KFI right now?

KFI AM 640 Program Schedule

  • 5 am – Wake Up Call (with Jennifer Jones Lee)
  • 6 am – The Bill Handel Show.
  • 10 am – Gary Hoffmann and Shannon Farren.
  • 2 pm – John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou.
  • 6 pm – Tim Conway, Jr.
  • 10 pm to 5 am – Coast to Coast AM (with George Noory)
  • via

    Where are John and Ken?

    The show airs Monday thru Friday, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time on KFI AM 640, a local Southern California talk radio station. The program is one of the most listened to local talk radio programs in the United States. via

    Why was Conway suspended?

    KFI radio host Tim Conway Jr. and his producer have been suspended after an Asian American activist group called out a live skit for being racist. The “failed attempt” at comedy aired live earlier this month, and the two have since issued an on-air apology. via

    How long have John and Ken been on KFI?

    They arrived in Los Angeles in 1992, and except for a small stint doing mornings at KABC (790 AM), they have held been KFI's afternoon stars, maintaining dominance in their time slot for most of their nearly three decades here. They are the guys that can drive you nuts. via

    Did Shannon Farren get suspended?

    John & Ken Show Hosts Suspended For Inflammatory Comments About Whitney Houston. SHANNON FARREN (news correspondent): Ohhh. via

    Who is Mo Kelly wife?

    Moira Kelly
    Occupation Actress
    Years active 1991–present
    Spouse(s) Steve Hewitt ​ ( m. 2000)​
    Children 2


    Where is Mo Kelly?


    O'Kelly (Mo'Kelly) is a political and cultural affairs commentator. His award-winning radio program “The Mo'Kelly Show” airs on KFI AM640 in Los Angeles and iHeartRadio, where each weekend he covers everything from the latest in politics to entertainment and their invariable intersection. via

    Where is Aron Bender now?

    Aron Bender is a recently widowed father of two daughters. He is the host of The Santa Clarita Valley Signal's first podcast, “The Signal News,” a news anchor at, and a Digital & Broadcast Journalism Professor at California State University, Northridge. via

    How do I contact Tim Conway Jr?

  • Email.
  • Call. Studio Line: 1-800-520-1KFI.
  • Text. Studio Line: 640640.
  • via

    Does Katrina Bennett Become name partner?

    Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett is a major law firm in New York City, formed after Harvey Specter resigned from Specter Litt Williams and Samantha Wheeler and Katrina Bennett were reinstated and promoted respectively as name partner. via

    Do Harvey and Donna marry?

    Earlier this year, Sarah said that she didn't see a big white wedding in the cards for Harvey and Donna. Yet in the finale, they end up getting married. Did that come as a surprise? Rafferty: Yes, I was totally surprised. via

    Does Harvey marry Scottie?

    In the episode "Play the Man", she tells Harvey that she is going to be engaged when she returns to London. In her return in "Normandy", she and Harvey agree to work together and she reveals that she never married. via

    What station is KFI?

    KFI (640 AM) is a radio station in Los Angeles, California, owned and operated by iHeartMedia, Inc. It began operations in 1922 and became one of the first high-powered, clear-channel Class A stations. via

    What station is coast to coast on in Los Angeles?

    The program now airs seven nights a week from 1:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m. Eastern Time Zone. It appears on over 600 affiliates, and has repeatedly been called the most popular overnight show in the country.
    Coast to Coast AM.

    Genre Talk radio
    Podcast Streamlink


    How can I listen to KFI AM 640?

    iHeartRadio LIVE - KFI AM 640. via

    How do I contact John and Ken?

  • Email.
  • Call. Studio Line: The Moistline: (877)-MOIST-86.
  • Text. Studio Line: 640640.
  • via

    Is Bill Handel ever coming back?

    Bill Handel, morning host at iHeartMedia talk KFI Los Angeles (640), has returned to his post after a health scare that had him in the hospital numerous times and off the air for more than a month. via

    Who is kobylt married to?

    Deborah was birn in New Jersey and currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, John Kobylt, a successful radio talk show host, her three sons, and a menagerie of animals. Deborah enjoys hiking, travel, biking, and writing. via

    Did John and Ken get suspended?

    "John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou have been suspended for making insensitive and inappropriate comments about the late Whitney Houston," station officials said in the statement. "Management does not condone, support or tolerate statements of this kind." In the same statement, Kobylt admitted the duo erred. via

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