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What engine can you put in a Honda Del Sol?

What Engine Will Fit In A Honda Del Sol?

Honda CR-X del Sol
Related Honda Civic Acura/Honda Integra
Engine 1.5 L D15B7 I4 1.5 L D15B VTEC I4 1.6 L D16Z6/D16Y8 I4 1.6 L B16A2/B16A3 I4
Transmission 4-speed automatic 5-speed manual


Does the Del Sol have VTEC?

The del Sol Si receives the 1996 127 hp D16Y8 Civic engine, as well as the suspension, larger front and rear stabilizer bars, and steering of the 160 hp (119 kW) VTEC. (U.S.) The del Sol VTEC receives the 160 hp B16A2 engine (U.S.) via

Is a Del Sol a sports car?

Honda's Del Sol is one of the most practical small sports cars ever designed. The hardtop roof makes it more theftproof than a convertible, the surprisingly large trunk plus storage space behind the seats make it capable of carrying a week's worth of groceries or luggage, front-wheel drive means it goes in snow. via

Do Honda Del Sols have power steering?

Still, the Si version is preferable, not only for the larger engine but for the four-wheel disc brakes, cruise control, 14-inch alloy wheels, power mirrors and power steering. Both del Sols have driver's side airbags. Anti-lock brakes are not available. via

Is a Del Sol a CRX?

The most notable version of the CRX was the one produced for Japan – the CRX Del Sol SiR – also a 2-door roadster with a hard-top body. The SiR had a 4-cylinder with 1595 cc of displacement, producing 168 hp. via

How many samba green del Sols were made?

Pocket Rocket: Introducing the “Samba Green” 1993 Honda Civic del Sol Si. So this ought to be a fun summer cruiser, right? I put together a spreadsheet the other day of all the cars I've owned. If we exclude temporary “project” cars and the like, the grand total comes out to 27 vehicles. via

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