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How do you change a headlight on a 2013 Honda Fit? (video)

How do you change a Honda Accord high beam bulb?

  • Pop Open the Hood. It may sound simple, but you've got to get inside there to work!
  • Get to the Headlight Bulb.
  • Remove the Wires.
  • Remove the Lightbulbs.
  • Attach New Lightbulb.
  • Reattach Wires.
  • Test Your Headlight Bulb.
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    How do you replace high beams? (video)

    How do you install headlights?

  • Safety first.
  • Replace both bulbs (recommended)
  • Identify the high and low beam placement.
  • Gain access to the lights (this varies)
  • Remove the plug by releasing the clip.
  • Remove the old bulb.
  • Identify the correct high and low beam bulbs.
  • Install the new bulb.
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    How long does it take to change a headlight?

    Some cars are a total PITA to change bulbs on, some take 5 minutes. One-piece units seem to require removal of the assembly. There is a tricky bolt at the bottom of the unit. You should be okay with daylight and 2 hours. via

    How do you change a headlight on a 2014 Honda Accord sport? (video)

    How do you change a headlight on a 2012 Honda Fit?

  • Open the hood.
  • Pull the electrical connector of the high beam and low beam light behind the headlight assembly.
  • Remove the rubber cover by simply pulling it out from the headlight assembly.
  • Unlock the light bulb by pushing the metal spring and pulling it up.
  • Pull the light bulb out of the headlight assembly.
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