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How do you check a coil on a Porsche 944?

You can also test the resistance on the coil by connecting your ohms meter to the black and green wire terminals and the resistance should be between 0.4 and 0.6 ohm. The resistance between the coil output terminal (where the plug goes) and the green terminal should be between 5000 and 7200 ohms. via

How do you diagnose spark problems? (video)

Does Porsche 944 have OBD?

Yes, if you have a 944 S or S2. 16V models have a diagnostic plug. via

How do you check the fuel pump on a Porsche 944? (video)

How do you remove a Porsche 944 distributor? (video)

How do I check for spark? (video)

How do you know if you have a weak spark?

Weak sparks are orange or red and may be hard to see in daylight. If you did not see a spark, remove the coil wire from the distributor cap. Attach the spark tester to the distributor end of the coil wire. Crack the engine and check for a good spark at the spark tester. via

How do you know if your spark plugs are firing? (video)

Where is the DME relay on a Porsche 944?

On the older 944s, the relay is known as the fuel pump relay and is located on the fuse panel under the dash on the driver side. On later 944s and 951s, the relay is located in the fuse /relay panel in the rear left side of the engine compartment close to the windshield and A-pillar. via

How do you test a DME relay? (video)

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1986 Porsche 944?

The fuel pump is located under the vehicle near the tank on the right side. When replacing, work in a well-ventilated area. Working outdoors is a good choice. via

How do I fix no spark?

If you do not see a spark, there is an ignition problem. Remove a plug wire and insert an old spark plug or a spark plug tester into the end of the wire (the plug boot). Place the spark plug on a metal surface on the engine, or ground the spark plug tester to the engine. Then crank the engine to check for a spark. via

What causes weak spark?

A weak spark, or no-spark, problem may originate within one or more common ignition system components: Worn or damaged spark plug wire insulation. At high temperature, this problem can produce bucking or misfires. Dirty or worn spark plug. via

How do I test my spark strength?

The proper method to check for spark is with a spark tester. It resembles a spark plug but has a sunken center electrode that simulates a load on the coil. Holding the plug wire and seeing if a spark jumps to ground is inconclusive. The spark is arcing in atmospheric pressure. via

How do you check a spark with a multimeter? (video)

How do you check if all cylinders are firing? (video)

What happens when one spark plug is not firing?

A single spark plug that fails to ignite the fuel-air mixture can cause a halt in the running of the engine. It can result in incomplete combustion and damage to the catalytic converter of the car. Faulty spark plugs can cause the car to exhibit starting troubles. via

How do I bypass DME relay?

To completely bypass DME relay you will need to jump pin 3 (86) “ignition switch power” to pins 8 (87) “DME power” and 4 (87b) “fuel pump power.” You can do this directly on the socket by using a set of jumper wires or by connecting the pins on the DME relay itself before plugging it in. via

What does the DME relay do?

A digital motor electronics relay is nothing more than two relays built into one case -- it has two coils and two switches. It is used to control the switched-power circuit for the DME module, the fuel injectors and the fuel pump. via

What is a DME on a Porsche 944?

The Porsche 944 uses an electronic fuel injection system made by the Robert Bosch company called “Motronic”. This system is also referred to as a “DME” or Digital Motor Electronics. via

Which faulty ignition component can result in a no start condition?

Car not starting: Another symptom of a faulty ignition relay is a no power condition. If the relay fails it will cut off power to fuel pump and ignition system, which will result in a no power, and therefore no start condition. via

What does the DME DO BMW?

The BMW DME or otherwise known as an ECU, ECM or PME is a major part of your vehicle. Essentially, it's the onboard computer, responsible for regulating the car's engine. We often modify the engines computer to help the engine run smoother. Helping it run smoother unlocks extra horsepower and available torque. via

Where is the DME located in a BMW? (video)

How do you change a fuel pump on a 944? (video)

Why is my engine not getting spark?

Loss of spark is caused by anything that prevents coil voltage from jumping the electrode gap at the end of the spark plug. This includes worn, fouled or damaged spark plugs, bad plug wires or a cracked distributor cap. via

How do you increase ignition spark?

  • Change Your Spark Plugs. The easiest place to start is by upgrading your spark plugs to platinum or iridium.
  • Upgrade the Plug Wires.
  • Timing Changes.
  • via

    What color is a weak spark?

    The strength of the spark is revealed in the color. A red or yellow spark is weak and probably will not spark in the cylinder. A blue or white spark is strong and has enough voltage to fight across the spark plug gap even under pressure within the cylinder. via

    What color is a good spark on a spark plug?

    In general, a light tan/gray color tells you that the spark plug is operating at optimum temperature and that the engine is in good condition. via

    Can a weak spark cause a misfire?

    Intermittent misfires are almost always caused by a weak spark or a lean fuel mixture. That piece of knowledge may not tell you what exactly is causing the misfire, but it should lead you toward a coil problem or an injector problem. Random misfires are another type of misfire that can be very difficult to diagnose. via

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