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What grease does Toyota recommend?

Toyota recommends two types of grease for the spider joint and slip yoke: Spider Joint: Lithium base chassis grease, NLGI No. via

What is Moly lithium grease?

This moly graph lithium grease is the perfect general purpose lubricant. Lithium grease lubricates and protects metal parts with a temperature range of 0 to 300 degrees F. Lubricates and protects metal parts. Temperature range 0° to 300° Fahrenheit. For auto, marine, agriculture and industrial use. via

What is Gc LB grease?

Some greases have a NLGI certification mark. For example, a designation of LB means that the grease is suitable for use as a chassis lubricant and a GC-LB designation means that the grease is suitable for use in wheel bearings or as a chassis lubricant. via

What is the difference between NLGI #1 and #2?

NLGI #1 Grease versus NLGI #2 Grease

Less thickener makes a #1 grease more tractable and slippery, while #2 grease has more thickener, making it stiffer and great for all-purpose applications. via

What is #2 lithium grease?

Valvoline Multipurpose Lithium EP 2 is a broad application multipurpose grease specifically designed to withstand extreme pressure and provide superior lubrication when other universal lubricants are not adequate. via

Can you mix moly and lithium grease?

Lithium and polyurea greases cannot be mixed. "They can cause each one to lose their oil and dry out," said Hamilton. The product loses the ability to lubricate. via

Is Moly lithium grease good for wheel bearings?

Greases containing moly are recommended for roller bearings subjected to very heavy loads and shock loading, especially in slow or oscillating motion such as found in universal joints and CV joints. via

What does NLGI #2 mean?

NLGI Grades 1-3

The most commonly used greases, such as those used in automotive bearings, would use a lubricant that is NLGI grade 2, which has the stiffness of peanut butter. Grades within this range can operate in a higher temperature range and at higher speeds than NLGI grades 000-0. via

What does NLGI 2 stand for?

The National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) has established a specified standard classification for lubricating greases. The NLGI consistency number (sometimes called “NLGI grade”) expresses a measure of the relative hardness of a grease used for lubrication. via

What would NLGI 2 GC grease be recommended for?

The grease used for most wheel bearings should meet the NLGI GC-LB requirements or the SAE J2695 requirements. Most wheel bearings require an NLGI 2 grade grease, while some sealed hub units require an NLGI 00 grade semi-fluid product. via

How do you grease a prop shaft? (video)

How do you grease a Land Cruiser? (video)

How do you grease Tacoma bushings? (video)

Is NLGI 2 grease the same as EP2?

We are all familiar with “EP 2” grease. This tells us two things, EP 2 grease is a NLGI Grade 2 and it is fortified with Extreme Pressure (EP) additives. This tells us nothing else about the thickener type, base oil type or viscosity of the base oil. via

What is NLGI grade for grease?

The NLGI consistency number (sometimes called “NLGI grade”) expresses a measure of the relative hardness of a grease used for lubrication, as specified by the standard classification of lubricating grease established by the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI). via

What is chassis grease?

Product Description. Mobil Chassis Grease LBZ is a semi-fluid grease based on synthetic oils in the consistency group NLGI 00-000. It was specifically developed for central lubrication systems for commercial vehicles. The product contains anti-oxidants, corrosion inhibitors, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. via

What Colour is lithium grease?

Lithium Complex Red Grease is a mineral oil based lithium complex soap thickened grease, containing performance additives. via

Is lithium grease NLGI 2?

Sta-Lube SL3330 Lithium Grease, 14 oz, NLGI Grade 2. via

What is lithium EP2 grease used for?

A premium quality EP2 multi-purpose grease for use in all anti-friction and plain bearings subjected to high load conditions. Used extensively for applications throughout industry and the automotive sector. via

Are all lithium greases compatible?

Greases based on simple lithium soaps (lithium stearate or lithium 12-hydroxystearate) and lithium complex soaps (containing simple soap and a complexing agent, such as lithium azelate) may or may not be compatible with polyurea greases. via

What is Moly grease good for?

Moly greases are generally used in operations where high pressure metal surfaces are sliding against each other. These include roller bearings that have very heavy loads and shock loading. Moly greases are also recommended in slow or oscillating motion that is used in universal and CV joints. via

Is lithium grease the same as Moly grease?

Moly is a solid. The portion of the grease that determines the compatibility is the thickener. Lithium complex is the thickener that is most compatible with other thickeners. via

Can I use lithium grease on CV joints?

The most suitable type of grease for CV joints is lithium grease. It is a heavy-duty, premium quality grease that contains molybdenum disulfide and graphite. via

Can you use cv grease on wheel bearings?

If the Grease is Good for CVs, it can't be used on Bearings. Likewise, if the Grease is good for Bearings, it can't be used on CVs. Proper CV Grease is very tacky and may (usually) not allow the rolling elements of a bearing to roll, but usually slide. via

What is the thickest grade of grease?

Grade 0 grease is commonly used in auto lube systems where the grease has to be fluid enough to circulate through several feet of hose. Grade 1 grease is thicker and can be a good choice for cold climates in winter, since it maintains sufficient pumpability when temperatures plummet. via

What NLGI 3?

GREASE NLGI 3 is a light colour heavy duty. grease based on a Lithium-12-Hydroxy stearate. soap for long time lubrication under high load. GREASE NLGI 3 is a relative rigid grease. GREASE NLGI 3 is for the long-term lubrication of rolling and slide bearings, also appropriate in case of high loads. via

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