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How much is a control arm for 2008 Pontiac G6?

The average cost for a Pontiac G6 control arm replacement is between $691 and $734. Labor costs are estimated between $132 and $167 while parts are priced between $559 and $567. via

What happens if you don't fix lower control arm?

Having damaged control arms and worn bushings or ball joints could cause suspension parts to become misaligned. When this occurs, you may experience issues with steering and handling. Usually you'll notice noises first, either while turning, stopping or driving over speed bumps. via

Are control arms easy to replace?

Control arm replacement can be difficult—especially if the vehicle's suspension is rusted and corroded. Separating the ball joint from the steering knuckle can be tricky, too, if you've never done the job before. And, oh yeah, you'll want to get your car's alignment checked after replacing the control arm. via

Do I need alignment after replacing lower control arm?

Absolutely need an alignment after control arms unless you're a master of the old chalk and tape method. via

Should you replace both control arms at the same time?

It's not necessary to replace both, left and right arms if one is bad. Often, however, if one arm is worn out, it's reasonable to expect that another control arm will likely need replacement soon. In this case, it's makes more sense to replace control arms on both sides at the same time. via

Does replacing lower control arm affect alignment?

Get a new mechanic, it has been proven that changing any front end part even the ball joint, let alone a entire control arm can alter the toe in, the most important most critical part of the alignment. via

What does lower control arm do?

It connects the steering knuckle to the frame and stabilizes the vehicle by allowing the chassis and the wheels to move in unison while the vehicle is in motion. via

How do you inspect control arms? (video)

Where are the control arms on a car?

A control arm connects the wheel hub and steering knuckle to the frame of the vehicle. They are typically equipped with bushings on the frame side of the vehicle and a ball joint on the wheel side of the vehicle that allow flex and controlled movement according to road conditions and steering input from the driver. via

Do you need an alignment after replacing bushings?

You need to get an alignment after you have your bushings replaced. Go to your local MINI mechanic (not the dealer) and see how much it'll cost you to have the bushings replaced. Unless your control arms are damaged, you should not need to replace them. via

Can a control arm cause vibration?

1. Steering Wheel Vibration. One of the first symptoms commonly associated with bad control arms is steering wheel vibrations. If the bushings or ball joints in the control arm become excessively worn it can cause wheel shimmy, which may cause vibrations felt in the wheel. via

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