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What skateboard wheels are best for rough roads?

The Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads

  • Shark Wheel 78a Skateboard Wheels.
  • CCS Cruiser 78a Skateboard Wheels.
  • FREEDARE 58mm Skateboard Wheels.
  • Orangatang 85mm Longboard Wheels.
  • Spitfire Formula Four Skateboard Wheels.
  • JOSOPA 52mm Skateboard Wheels.
  • FREEDARE 54mm Skateboard Wheels.
  • Bones Wheels Rough Riders 80a.
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    What wheels are good for skate parks?

    We recommend choosing hard wheels for skate parks and street skating on ledges, rails, gaps and manual pads. Soft wheels are best for cruising, transportation and longboarding. Medium durometer wheels are great for beginners and for street skating on rough surfaces. via

    Are 95A wheels good for street?

    A Guide to Skateboard Wheel Hardness

    Longboards or street boards typically have soft wheels. 88a to 95a have a little less grip but still grip well, making them suitable for rough surfaces and street skating. They are just a bit harder and faster. 96a to 99a are good wheels for all-around use. via

    Are 53mm wheels good for street skating?

    54 to 59 mm: these medium or average sized wheels are ideal for bigger riders or beginners. You can use them at skate parks and bowls. They also work well for daily riding. 60 mm and above: these large wheels are useful for specialty riding that involves speed skating, transition, or skating on rougher surfaces. via

    How do you skate on bumpy roads?

  • Get an adequate setup – cruiser or longboard with large soft wheels.
  • Maintain decent speed (e.g. 8 – 10 mph) to avoid death stops.
  • Keep an eye ahead of your wheels to dodge very big cracks/rocks.
  • When rolling on sand, gravel, dirt, keep a steady line, avoid tight turns.
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    How do you skate on rough surfaces? (video)

    Are 101A wheels too hard?

    The most popular wheels in this category are 99A to 101A. Hard wheels have a very slippery, plasticy feel. They are smooth and fast on smooth surfaces, but are chattery and unpleasant to ride on rough terrain. When it comes to Soft Skateboard Wheels they are usually between 75A and 95A. via

    Can you slide on 95A wheels?

    Skateboard wheels in the durometer range of 95A – 99A are the perfect wheels for every beginner. Whether you're skating the streets, skate parks or mini ramps, you'll be well off with these wheels. They'll slide when you want, give you enough grip, and are reasonably fast. via

    What are 92a wheels good for?

    Smooth - Smooth wheels come with a shiny coating on the riding surface that feels grippy at first, but wears away quickly. 92a - Best used for rougher terrain like craggy streets, ditches, pools or even masonite and metal ramps. via

    Are 54mm wheels good for cruising?

    Generally, any diameter between 60mm and 75mm fits cruising. The small ones are ideal for small skateboards, as the larger wheels work best with longboards. But for beginners seeking to have a smooth cruising experience, it's best to use 60mm rollers. via

    What does 99a mean on wheels?

    96a-99a. Nice speed and grip-- an all-around good wheel. Great for beginners skating street, skate parks, ramps, pools, and other smooth surfaces. 101a + Hardest and fastest wheel with the least grip. via

    What size wheels does Tony Hawk Ride?

    TONY HAWK RIDES 7.175's AND 45MM WHEELS!!!! That's because he's goofy. via

    Should I skate on asphalt?

    Of course you can ride a skateboard on asphalt. You just have to take into consideration how rough the terrain is. If the asphalt is rough, big soft wheels will do the job for you. Remember, to not skate while it's raining because the wet surface will affect the grip of the wheel to the pavement. via

    Can you skate over speed bumps? (video)

    Can you roller skate on rough roads?

    Inline skates are great for outdoor use especially if you are skating on pavement, asphalt, sidewalks, rough roads, or even dirt/trails. Inline skates are almost always faster outdoors than quad skates due to the nature of the inline wheel setup and minimized friction with the ground. via

    What surfaces can you skate on?

    To prevent injuries, it is very important that riders choose safe places to ride. All surfaces should be checked before riding on them. Skateboard only on surfaces that are smooth without cracks or debris, like garbage or sticks. via

    Can you use cruiser wheels on a skateboard?

    Yes, you can slap a couple of longboard wheels on a regular skateboard, but it has its limitations. The parts don't always go well together (in the first case) and riding it can feel awkward. You need to rise your trucks to avoid wheel bite, make sure your trucks are tight, and bushings shouldn't be too soft. via

    Can longboards go on gravel?

    To a certain extent, there is no problem at all if you want to ride your longboard on gravel as long as your wheels can still roll freely but there are of course some consequences. You are at risk of getting into an accident and longboarding on gravel will surely do severe damage to your board. via

    Is there a big difference between 99a and 101A?

    It's a hardness that provides great grip on most street surfaces while retaining speed, pop and a smooth ride. Being slightly softer than the harder 101a, the 99a is slightly more forgiving on impact. 101a duro is more suited to smoother transitional skateparks and ramps. via

    Do 99a wheels slide?

    You can slide 99a 100% for sure. via

    What size wheels do pro skaters use?

    The most popular street skating wheel sizes are between 52-54mm. A larger wheel helps you skate rougher ground and ride up transitions easier. You can still skate street with larger wheels, but it will result in your skateboard feeling heavier. via

    What size trucks go on a 8.25 deck?

    Size Guide - Skateboard Trucks

    Skateboard Truck Size Guide
    Deck Size Hanger Width Ace
    7.5 to 7.75" 127mm / 5" 22
    7.75 to 8.25" 137mm / 5.25" 33
    8.25 to 8.75" 149mm / 6" 44


    Are 95a wheels good for tricks?

    Major Varieties Of Skateboard Wheels

    The street or park wheels: These are hard wheels with 95-101a and 50-60mm specifications. They feel light and roll easily on faster on smoother surfaces; also allowing some tricks to be done. These are good for tricks. via

    Why do skateboarders put wheels on backwards? (video)

    Are 80A wheels good for outdoors?

    Great for speed skating, roller derby or serious recreational skating, its an awesome wheel. It comes in a variety of wheel hardness including 80A,85A, 88A, 92A, 97A or 101A. With the 80A-88A, you could even wear these outdoors. via

    What does 99 Duro mean?

    99D (usually Blue): The softer of the two Formula Four Durometers are the 99D wheels. They won't be quite as fast on a skatepark as the Red 101D wheels, but will ride smoother in the streets. These are still slightly softer than a Bones STF Wheel (103 Durometer). via

    Can you slide 87a wheels?

    87a - A harder soft wheel great for cruising, sliding or filming lines as they're a bit faster than some of the softer varieties. via

    Can you powerslide on a cruiser? (video)

    Can you slide with 86a wheels?

    Description. Ricta 86a Clouds are perfect for rolling on rough surfaces that would be difficult or impossible to skate with regular hard wheels. Excellent for ditches and rough street spots, 86a Ricta Clouds are a bit harder than our softer 78a Clouds. They still handle like a street/park wheel and even slide well. via

    Is 92a too soft for street?

    Medium - Your classic wheel shape, versatile all-around wheel for street/park skating. Smooth - Smooth wheels come with a shiny coating on the riding surface that feels grippy at first, but wears away quickly. 92a - Best used for rougher terrain like craggy streets, ditches, pools or even masonite and metal ramps. via

    Is 92a a hard wheel?

    These wheels are pretty nice being between a soft and a hard wheel. I can slide and revert like hard wheels, but still cruise over pebbles and cracks. However, these aren't that different than regular 99a wheels as they are still slowed down from rolling friction. via

    Can you do tricks on 92a?

    The 92a is great for my cruiser set up because I can still hit everything at the park with them and they are hard enough for some nice flip tricks. Amazing wheels, super smooth riding but still hard enough to do tricks. via

    Do hard wheels slide easier?

    Finally, the harder the wheel, the easier it will slide. However, it will be hard to control in a long slide and they won't grip around corners very well. Softer wheels are slower but are more comfortable to skate. They provide a smooth ride over most surfaces and grip well when going around corners. via

    Can you skate street with 101A wheels?

    Wheels for Transition Skateboarding

    Anything in the range of 53 mm to 54 mm is fine. The hardness should be around 96A and 101A. Your brand options are Spitfire, Ricta, and Bones. You need something that keeps a bit of momentum but still allows you to do some technical stuff. via

    What wheels does nyjah use? (video)

    Are slime ball wheels good?

    Will still slide for tricks easily. These wheels come in a classic 80s shape and are 95a in durometer. This means these wheels are a great choice for the rougher skate parks or for someone who prefers a slightly softer wheel. via

    What size wheels should I get for a 8.0 deck?


    Deck Size truck Size Wheel Size
    8.0 7.75 - 8.25 Axles 50 - 54 mm
    8.125 8.0 - 8.25 AXLES 50 - 54 mm
    8.25 8.0 - 8.5 axles 52 - 55 mm
    8.375 8.25 - 8.5 axles 52 - 55 mm


    What does 101A mean on skateboard wheels?

    In skateboarding, and according to the Durometer A Scale, the wheel's hardness is measured in durometers and ranges from 75A (softest) to 101A (hardest). A very soft skateboard wheel offers high grip, maximum comfort and provides a smooth ride. via

    What wheels are best for Hill bombing?

    Ricta Clouds 78a, Spitfire 80HD Chargers, Bones ATF, OJ Juice, etc. are all good picks. The harder the wheel the easier it'll be to slide, you can still powerslide with soft wheels but it's more difficult. If you are aiming more for tricks with some hill bombing, 99a Spitfire F4's would be a good pick. via

    Are 97A wheels hard?

    Hard wheels – 97A and higher – are best for all of you park riders. If you are an all-around rider: If you rarely go anywhere without your skate, you may fall into this category. All-around skaters like to cruise around town, but can also drop in on a pool any day of the week. via

    Are 60mm wheels good for cruising?

    Best Overall

    The Fireball Tinder Skateboard & Longboard Wheels for Cruising have a 60mm diameter, a 40mm width, a 35mm contact patch, and an 81a durometer. They're designed to ride smoothly over bumps, cracks, rocks, and other road debris, whether you're cruising, dancing, or freeriding. via

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