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What is considered local for truck drivers?

What is local trucking? Local trucking allows the driver to be home every night, which can be a real benefit to those with a family. The routes are local, typically within a 200 mile radius and consist of an 8-10 hour work day. via

Is OTR truck driving worth it?

Good income

Truck drivers can earn a good income. How much does a truck driver make? On average drivers earn $50,909, while Over The Road (OTR) drivers who haul freight over long distances earn on average nearly $64,000 per year. via

Is OTR or local Better?

For local truck driving jobs, you'll almost always be making less. However, it will be a steady salary that won't fluctuate. You'll know exactly what you're making week to week and it will be easy to budget. OTR jobs, on the other hand, offer a larger salary, however, it will often be based on the amount your drive. via

What does LTL mean in trucking?

Less than truckload (LTL) freight refers to the transportation of products or goods that do not require a full truckload. These smaller freight loads typically result in many separate shipments being transported on one truck. via

How many hours can a local truck driver drive in California?

Hours-of-Service Laws for Truck Drivers in California

Drivers cannot drive more than 12 hours after being off duty for at least 10 consecutive hours. After 16 hours of work (driving or not), truckers must stop driving for at least 10 hours. via

Do local drivers need ELD?

Drivers Who Maintain RODS for 8 Days or Less

Drivers who maintain Record of Duty Status (RODS) for 8 days or fewer in a 30-day rolling period don't need an ELD. They need to maintain paper logs, but the ELD itself isn't legally required. This includes short-haul drivers who occasionally take longer trips. via

What is a female driver called?

A chauffeur. A woman employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle is a chauffeuse. via

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