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What kind of drug test does Heartland Express use?

We utilize urinalysis testing. We require a urinalysis drug test. This is the only test that DOT currently recognizes. All of it. via

What kind of drug test does USA Truck use?

They were only using urine specimens when I was there. Urine test for office employees. Not sure about drivers. They give urin test, and selected ones get Hair. via

Does Ryder do hair follicle test?

I work at Ryder and they do send you for a hair follicle test. via

How far back does a urine test go?

Drug testing specimen types

Illicit substances are detectable for only five to 10 days in urine; whereas, hair drug tests can detect drug or alcohol use for up to 90 days. Blood testing is very accurate, but costly and invasive. via

Can a hair test detect one time use?

There are many benefits in using Hair Drug Testing. But there are limitations you must consider. It may not pick up single use of drugs. Certain hair treatments may reduce the level of the drugs detected. via

Who is the best flatbed trucking company?

Landstar System

Rank 2021 Company Revenue (000)
Rank 2021 1 Company Landstar System 1,202,295
2021 2 Company Daseke Inc. 1,199,300
2021 3 Company Anderson Trucking Service 796,978
2021 4 Company PS Logistics 677,000


What does TMC haul?

About TMC Transportation

Common freight that our drivers haul are items such as steel products, lumber, wallboard, pipe and other building materials that must be hauled on a flatbed trailer. Drivers secure the loads onto the trailers and some loads require tarping. via

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